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Fast. Private. Verifiable

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Unusual Times

As states work to protect citizen health, we face unprecedented challenges with safe and reliable voting.

Too many voters are being asked to wait in long lines or share too few polling locations.

Fast, private, and verifiable internet voting is now possible.

Thanks to tremendous breakthroughs in technology & cryptography.


Secure Internet Voting

Easy to use

You can vote from your phone in a minute, without needing to install anything.

Provably Private

No one, not even election administrators, can see how you voted.


You can personally verify that your vote was counted correctly.

Widely accessible

Works with any smartphone or desktop.

Auditable registration

Only legitimate voters can vote, and only once.

Quick results

Don’t wait on postal mail delays. SIV ballots can be submitted in seconds.

The US spends over $500M/year to run elections

SIV can dramatically reduce election administration costs, while offering a far better process for everyone involved.

A New Option

SIV is an addition to existing approaches, not a replacement. Any voter who prefers traditional methods can still use them.

Built upon decades of research and hard work by uncountable contributors in academia, industry, and the public sector. Learn more

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